Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide provides light sedation which allows patients to relax while dental treatment occurs. During the procedure, the patient inhales a gas mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen through a rubber nose piece. Patients often describe the experience as a tingling in the arms in legs followed by a floating sensation.

Nitrous oxide is the safest form of sedation. Dr. Ken carefully watches the nitrous oxide to oxygen ratio throughout the procedure. After the nose piece is removed, the effects of the nitrous oxide will begin to wear off shortly.

Panorex X-ray

A panorex is an advanced x-ray that is able to show the upper and lower jaw in addition to the temporomandibular joints and the sinuses. This type of x-ray is very helpful in identifying issues that may not be present in normal x-rays.

The panorex x-ray allows Dr. Ken to accurately evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth, diagnosis jaw disorders and evaluate the position of the sinus in preparation for dental implants.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow Dr. Ken to evaluate the health of the teeth using an imaging program called Dexis. Dexis allows Dr. Ken to enhance the image which makes diagnosis and treatment much easier. Digital x-rays emit less radiation than standard film x-rays. The radiation from one digital x-ray is equivalent to the level of radiation coming from the sun during one day.

Intraoral camera

Oleynik Dental uses an intraoral camera called the Carestream CS1200. This camera gives us the ability to show patients cracks, cavities, or other issues in the mouth with incredible detail. These digital images are then saved into the patient’s chart for future reference. This piece of technology does not emit any radiation, which makes it very safe to use.

Carestream CS 1200

Dexis Carivu

Dexis CariVu is a device that uses infrared light and a camera to identify decay and cracks in the teeth without radiation. Enamel appears translucent to the camera, but decay and cracks appear dark. This device allows Dr. Ken to accurately see through the tooth surface non invasively. Carivu is an exceptional tool that can be used in conjunction with digital x-rays to provide a more complete picture of a patient’s oral health.

Dexis Carivu